Quarterbacks for co’ 2015…Multi Talented Crew

Kelly Bryant "Incredible playmaking ability"

Kelly Bryant
“Incredible playmaking ability”

The tape on this young man makes the case for him being the top playmaker in high school football for the co’ 2015.  Accurate arm, good velocity on all his throws, pocket presence….And we haven’t even broken the ice on what he does when he feels its time to take the game into his own hands and make those “special plays.”  We’ve seen the classes before him…Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel…and there will be many after him, but right now Kelly Bryant is arguably the best playmaker in high school football.

Past QB comparison- Charlie Ward/Florida State  Cam Newton/Auburn  Jameis Winston/Florida State



Jimmy Fitzgerald "Cannon Arm"

Jimmy Fitzgerald
“Cannon Arm”


Having witnessed the arm strength of Jimmy Fitzgerald in person makes it fun to voice my opinion on his ability.  His arm strength ranks up there with the top “guns” that were highly touted coming out of high school.  If you are a fan of great quarterbacks, you immeditately understand how Fitzgerald will have an edge when he enters college.  Of course it helps to have that “cannon” attached to his torso.

Past QB comparison- Drew Bledsoe/Washington State  Chris Redman/Louisville    Matthew Stafford/Georgia



Kevin Dillman "Ironman toughness"

Kevin Dillman
“Ironman toughness”


Although Kevin Dillman is one of the more polished passers in high school football, his biggest attribute may be his toughness.  Possibly a byproduct of playing defense, he can withstand hits from defenders and although qb coaches would rather their starting qb get out of bounds on the scramble, this young man doesn’t mind getting the extra yard.  It’s also a plus when he’s in the pocket as he doesn’t sweat the “walls closing in” on him….otherwise known as the pocket collapsing.  He will stand in there and make the throw.

Past QB comparison-  Mark Brunell/Univ. of Washington  Philip Rivers/North Carolina State  Zach Mettenberger/LSU


Jake Browning "Pro-style touch pass"

Jake Browning
“Pro-style touch pass”


When looking at Jake Browning you are almost immediately convinced that he is being trained by an NFL quarterback.  The incredible touch on his passes makes it easy for his receivers to adjust to the ball and also provides a very catchable ball.  He ranks right up there with the great touch passers who have went on to become top college passers.

Past QB comparison- Elvis Grbac/Michigan  Eli Manning/Ole Miss   Derek Carr/Fresno State


Gabe Green "Mr. Composure"

Gabe Green
“Mr. Composure”


In the pocket Gabe Green looks like he’s playing 7-on-7 even though there’s a defensive line coming at him.  His composure seems unreal at times but is one of the main reasons why he is ranked in the nation’s top passers.  Poise and confidence while in the pocket helps give his receivers time to get open and also makes it hard for opposing defenses to rattle him.  After watching his game film and watching his passing league tape you immediately notice that his mechanics are exactly the same.  College coaches will develop his passing skills and he will undoubtedly develop into a premier college player.

Past QB comparison- Rick Mirer/Notre Dame   Alex Smith/University of Utah   Aaron Murray/Georgia


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