“Showstoppers” At The Guard Position- co’ ’16

These guards from the class of 2016 will undoubtedly continue to put on a dazzling display of passing, shooting, and dribbling for years to come.  Rated at the top of their class in ability, it can be agreed that anyone who is a basketball fan will thoroughly be entertained by their athletic skills.

Bruce Brown- Class of ’16/Vermont Academy/MA

Brown is fun to watch because he is an upgrade from guards of the 90’s when the guard position begin to revolutionize because of ball handlers like Iverson, Travis Best, and Penny Hardaway.  He pulls the crowd in because you feel like you’re watching a complete guard from the 90’s that’s been upgraded with the new millenium standards….unlimited speed, the remarkable ball handling ability, and a set of wings just in case he has to settle for jumping over defenders.

"Guard-Version 3.0"...Bruce Brown

“Guard-Version 3.0″…Bruce Brown

Kwe Parker- Class of ’16/Wesleyan Christian Academy/NC

Kwe Parker is another guard who can do it all but its hard to pay attention to any of it because of his incredible jumping ability.  His vast array of specialized dunks may indeed get him an early entry into a recently faltering NBA slam dunk contest.  After seeing his highlights you may start to think that he could actually make some noise in it.

"Chapter 3-How to fly"...Kwe Parker

“Chapter 3-How to fly”…Kwe Parker

Payton Pritchard- Class of ’16/West Linn High/OR

He comes down the court…he sees the opposing defense…he calculates….he does what he has to in order to get the bucket.  That’s Payton Pritchard summed up. He understands that the guard position is about making it all happen and is definitely not a position to stand and spectate.

"PayDay Pritchard"...Payton Pritchard

“PayDay Pritchard”…Payton Pritchard

Frank Jackson- Class of ’16/Lone Peak High/UT

For all the 90’s college basketball fans, Frank Jackson’s game mirrors that of former Ohio State guard Jimmy Jackson. This young man understands that his best contribution to his team is to use that rare ability to spread the floor. Limitless potential!

blog frank jackson

“The Smart Guard”….Frank Jackson

Malik Monk- Class of ’16/Bentonville High/AR

Malik Monk is one of the rare guards that possesses the ball handling ability, court vision, and a long range shot to postively affect any college program.  Of course you will only see these when he decides to land as he often decides to take flight over opposing defenses.

blog-malik monk

Mr. Everything…Malik Monk

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