A Must Have….Top Tight Ends for co’ 16

Tight end may be the most underrated position in High School football recruiting. They have the unique ability of breaking open zone coverages while possessing the size and strength to pin down opposing defensive lineman and linebackers.  These days tight ends are as important to college offenses as is the ability to show and have multiple offensive looks.  These recruits are rated at the top of the list for the class of 2016.

Scooter Harrington- Greenwich/CT

Natural hands and his ability to sustain blocks are his best features.  Harrington has a very good habit of extending his hands on the catch which is a major plus when be defended by lengthy defenders. A guy as big and athletic as Harrington will win ninety percent of his jump balls against opposing defenders.

Scooter Harrington..."Catches With his hands"

Scooter Harrington…”Catches With his hands”

Alex Marshall- Andover High/MA

With his size he can cause many mismatches if “flexed” out against smaller defensive backs. Adding that to the ability to find holes in defensive zones at his size makes Marshall an extremely high value and one of the more underrated gems in the class of 2016.

Alex Marshall..."Hidden Gem?"

Alex Marshall…”Hidden Gem?”

Noah Turner- Carmel High/IL

Turner is about as polished a tight end that you’ll see in high school.  He may indeed play early in college if he can pick up the playbook as fast as he gets into his routes.

Noah Turner..."Polished"

Noah Turner…”Polished”

Jacob Mathis- Berkely Prep/FL

Mathis has some of the best hands for any receiver/TE in the country.  Defenses will have to bring in an extra defensive back to help cover this guy, as his ball catching ability will give him the advantage against virtually all his opposing defenders.

Jacob Mathis..."Best Hands"

Jacob Mathis…”Best Hands”

Naseir Upshur- Imhotep Institute/PA

He blocks as well as any five star lineman.  Upshur will be a must have in most college offenses.  His blocking ability along with his abnormal “breakaway” speed carry him to the top of any recruiter’s list of top tight ends for co’ 2016.

blog naseir upshur

Naseir Upshur…”Devastation in run blocking”

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