The Bruiser From The Hoosier…..State

Toks Akinribade will make it to the top of the rankings as a player from the class of 2016.  From “hidden gem” to a bonafide “slashing runner” in his class, Toks may currently be the most undervalued of the ranked running backs in high school football.  What makes him stand out you ask? His breakaway speed, shiftability, and his field vision are his obvious positives.  His field vision may be some of the best in the country. Toks finds a crease in the defensive line and makes it seem as open as an eight lane highway.  Include him in the category of the “can’t miss recruit” for the class of 2016.

Toks Akinribade...A True Slasher!

Toks Akinribade…A True Slasher!              (press image to go to Toks’s hudl site)

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