Brilliant Student + Brilliant Athlete = Chris Lewis co’ 2016

Alpharetta, Georgia is the proud hometown of one of the nation’s most intelligent and talented ball players.  Chris Lewis is his name and the 6’8 forward is a leading example to student-athletes nationwide on the importance of balancing sports and academics.  The Harvard commit not only maintains a flawless GPA but also maintains the type of commitment that he has in the classroom on the hardwood.  A true shot blocker and offensive presence in the paint, Lewis captured multiple offers from big name basketball schools, including Memphis, Notre Dame, and Kansas State.  His decision to choose Harvard is an example to his teammates and opponents alike that playing sports is indeed temporary, but the need to possess the proper tools for maintaining and furthering one’s professional career outside of sports is long-term.  (Highlights)

"Where Grades Matter"...Chris Lewis

“Where Grades Matter”…Chris Lewis (press image to go to Lewis’s highlights)

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