No Gimmicks….Just Skills

Four receivers who will display some of the best athletic skills on the field during the upcoming 7 on 7 and fall seasons, are Dekaylin Metcalf, Elijah Stove, Javon Mckinley, and Michael Irvin Jr.

Trying to cover Dekaylin Metcalf with one defensive back is like trying to outrun an Olympic sprinter while wearing boots.  Basically it’s not happening.

Elijah Stove and Javon Mckinley supply defenses with plenty of nightmares because of their ability to go from 0 to 90 when dodging defenders.  Add this to their top level catching ability and you have two of the most dangerous receivers in the country.

And all of us who grew up watching Michael Irvin terrorize defenses during his years with the Miami Hurricanes and Dallas Cowboys may get a replay in his son, Michael Irvin Jr.  The Texas native not only looks like a prototype of today’s big/athletic receiver, but also shows those elements of catching and route running that elevated Irvin Sr. into the pro football hall of fame.

Opposing defenses will spend an extra day or two when facing these four athletes.  Make sure to write their names in your notes as players to watch for the the upcoming high school football season.

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