More Than Just Citrus and Football

Anyone who thinks Florida is only a football state has yet to meet Maverick Rowan and Jonathan Isaac.  Both come out of Broward County, Florida as two of high school’s top basketball players.

Rowan seems to have taken a chapter out of NBA legend, Chris Mullin’s guide to basketball.  Rowan’s crossovers are very textbook but devastating for defenders, and free him up for his lethal mid and long range jumpers.

Maverick Rowan…SF/Cardinal Gibbons/FL-co’16

Isaac decides to get to the paint and go airborne when things become crowded on the perimeter.  As he continues to get stronger and develop his ball handling ability, he will likely become a top 15 ranked player nationally.

Jonathan Isaac…SF/International School of Broward/Fl-co’16

College scouts across the country will be anxious to see if these two will continue to dominate on the national scene this upcoming summer.

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