The Battle For Chicago…Verge and Eastern

A great battle at the point guard spot brews in Chicago.  Alonzo Verge and Nojel Eastern, both guards from the class of 2017, prepare their combat maneuvers for the top ranking guard spot.

Verge stands out as one of the best natural scorers in his class.  His highlight tapes have plenty of razzle dazzle, but his  court vision and ability to score from virtually anywhere on the floor separates him from other players.  The Willowbrook guard continues to develop his outside shot and looks to climb the rankings this summer.

Facing off with Verge for the top spot will be Nojel Eastern.  It’s easy to see why scouts consider Eastern as the most complete guard in the class of 2017.  His aggressiveness on offense carries over to his defensive efforts. Eastern’s mid-range and long-range jumpers may be his deadliest weapon, but his creativity is lethal when he gets to the bucket for scores.  It will be interesting to see this guard climb the charts, as he may not only claim the top spot in Chicago but also become the top rated guard in the nation.  He definitely has the skill set to do exactly that.  Fans should prepare for a very exciting guard battle….Verge vs. Eastern…stay tuned!

Nojel Eastern/Evanston High-IL/pg-co’17


Alonzo Verge/Willowbrook High-IL/pg-co’17

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