Field Generals…. Steven Frank, Dwayne Haskins Jr., Eddie Hahn

Three quarterbacks to watch this summer/fall who will work as “field generals are Dwayne Haskins Jr., Steven Frank, and Eddie Hahn.  Field generals are those quarterbacks that can control the flow of the game with more efficient throws, top notch pocket presence, and quick deliveries.  They are rarely shaken by defenses that like to disguise coverages and show different fronts.  While poise may be their biggest attribute, accuracy and field vision are just as important.  Fans may think these guys are throwing into coverage, but the qb has already identified the defense, made his reads, and is a step ahead of the opposing secondary. Take time to get to know these three athletes, as they possess all of these said skills and will definitely be seen on every recruiting list this year.

Dwayne Haskins Jr.-

Haskins patience in the pocket attracts scouts more than anything else.  As fans can see from his film, he lets his receivers’ routes develop and gives them that extra second to find an opening for the oncoming pass.  His patience and field vision will take him to the top of recruiting lists.  Haskins will continue to develop his arm strength and it could be frightening to opposing defenses once he adds this detail to his other athletic abilities.

Dwayne Haskins Jr.-Bullis High School/Potomac, MD

Dwayne Haskins Jr.-Bullis High School/Potomac, MD

Steven Frank-

One of the bigger quarterbacks in the class of 2016 is Steven Frank.  Check out his arm strength and touch on his throws.  Frank is a receiver’s dream come true as he has the arm strength to fit the ball into tight spaces but also has enough touch to lead his receivers, giving them a chance to avoid oncoming defenders.  The best part about watching Steven Frank is that he rarely leaves the pocket even when there are 5 and 6 man pressures thrown at him.  He fits the description of a pro-style quarterback.

Steven Frank- Oswego High School/Oswego, IL

Steven Frank- Oswego High School/Oswego, IL

Eddie Hahn-

Eddie Hahn may be the best short to mid-range passer in the class of 2016.  His ability to identify the rush allows his receivers to adjust their routes and he uses his quick release to make plays.  Although Hahn can scramble with the best of them, he is an excellent roll out qb and very accurate throwing on the run.  He has the option to play safety in college but most coaches would agree that he can help a lot of college offenses if he chooses to stay at quarterback.

Eddie Hahn- Red Bank Catholic High/Red Bank, NJ

Eddie Hahn- Red Bank Catholic High/Red Bank, NJ

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