Trench Warfare…Offensive Line co’2016

Offensive lineman is the strongest position for the class of 2016.  It’s led by Gregory Little of Allen high school of Allen,TX.  It’s hard to miss the overall physical presence of these young athletes.  But the most attractive detail of this class is that the top 40 lineman and maybe more are interchangeable, with the skill and ability to play anywhere on the offensive line.  As seen in their game film from freshman to current year, the majority of these guys have played tackle, guard, and even center.  Scouts will appreciate this because they won’t have to compromise they’re target recruits because of doubts of whether a guy can play at a different spot if the need comes about.  Look for the following names to thrive during the upcoming recruiting season.

Erik Swenson/Downers Grove South/Downers Grove,IL


Gregory Little/Allen High School/Allen,TX

Cole Van Lanen/Bayport/Green Bay,WI

Jean Delance/North Mesquite High/Mesquite,TX

Gavin Cupp/Leipsic High/Leipsic,OH

Sean Foster/Carmel High School/Mundelein,IL

Chris Owens/Lamar High School/Arlington,TX

Michael Eletise/Kaiser/Honolulu, HI

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