And So The Countdown Begins…Football ’15-The Run to Number One

Training facilities and high school gyms across America are about to fill up with student-athletes in preparation for the upcoming fall football season.  Training will be intense as teams get ready to battle for the number one spot, not only in their respective state,  but also for a national top 25 ranking.

Expect to see the usuals, Bishop GormanDe LaSalle, St. John Bosco, and St. Thomas Aquinas, who are perennial powerhouse programs.

Add the training and combines to the always exciting recruiting scene and this summer of preparation will be as intense as any in the past.  Some critics may think that recruiting and training have become a bit too cinematic and even far-fetched, with recruit predictions and over the edge training methods.  But as athletes get better and the game of football becomes faster and more methodical amongst coordinators, it would seem that training and preparation has and will always be a mainstay.  Bottom line for the high school football fan…enjoy watching your favorite recruits and favorite teams prepare for the upcoming fall season.

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