The Obvious Connection… Football and Track

Speed kills…A simple but often forgotten fact when talking about the subject of recruiting these days.  We get a much needed reminder of this when players like Adoree Jackson (co’ 2014) rise to the top of the rankings.  Jackson was the top rated defensive back in the class of 2014, and also won his state’s track championship in the 400 meter relay and long jump.  He now plays an important role on USC’s football and track team.  This year we were shown the dual talents of Kendall Sheffield out of Fort Bend Marshall high school in Texas. The nation’s top corner committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide and will have the option of being as big of a threat on the track as he will be on the football field.   He was able to not only grab the 110 meter high hurdle championship for the state of Texas, but his time also held the number one spot for the entire U.S.  There are other names, past and present, that validate the fact that football and track have a direct connection and go hand in hand when scouts are creating their recruiting lists.  Expect this trend to continue for obvious reasons as the game of football gets faster each season.  Do not be surprised if football coaches begin to make it mandatory for certain positions to run track or at least work out with their school track teams.  In the end it will benefit the player as he works to get to the next level.

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