The Mark Has Been Set…Linebacker Blake Gallagher

To be an efficient linebacker one has to possess several skills; the ability to be a good tackler, a knowledge of pursuit angles, good speed, and most important attitude.  Blake Gallagher comes out of the class of 2017 with all of these.  While Gallagher can deliver the bone jarring hits, he more importantly understands his role first, which is to stifle the opponents’ run game.  This young athlete plays with an extra dose of “get there” which is very rare for linebackers who are hit by two and sometimes three blockers.  It may be complete wishful thinking for colleges to convince Gallagher to leave the east coast with Boston College keeping a tight grip on recruiting him.  Whether or not he decides to or not, expect Blake Gallagher to not only dominate his conference but also catch some votes for high school All-America. Stay tuned.

Blake Gallagher-St. Sebastian/Needham, MA

Blake Gallagher-St. Sebastian/Needham, MA

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