Jaylin Carter… The Big Weapon

He’s big and he can play football.  Jaylin Carter, from Wheaton-Warrenville South high school in Illinois, has caught the attention of several major division one schools.  After watching Carter in action at the Notre Dame 7 on 7 Passing Camp, experienced football fans would immediately claim that he has shades of NFL star Antonio Gates.  But for the sake of not making this young athlete an all pro just yet, we can go as far as saying that he is a top recruit and able to help the majority of college offenses out there.  With the Northwestern Wildcats and the Northern Illinois Huskies being within an hour of his high school, Carter may choose to stay in his state.  However, it is a well known fact that the SEC and PAC Ten conferences love big elusive tight ends and at 6’4, 248 pounds, Jaylin Carter fits the bill to become a major contributor in any offense.  Scouts will also put a star on his running ability which is in the range of above average for a half back.  Speed is an important factor when in single coverage against linebackers or safeties.  Keep an eye on this young man’s progress.

Jaylin Carter-TE/Wheaton-Warrenville South High/IL

Jaylin Carter-TE/Wheaton-Warrenville South High/IL

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