Dennis Smith Jr… Those That Are Fearless

When walking onto the court Dennis Smith Jr. may seem like an average player with his basic frame and his “can’t complain” type demeanor. But after the ball is placed in his hand and a defender is put in front of him, Smith goes into a state of competitiveness that is on the highest of levels.  Fearlessness is what this young point guard brings to the table.  Fit him into the category of those players who devastated defenders, not so much for the skill they possess but more for the “attack mode” that they constantly exhibit. His daily concerns and goals…being the best and only the best.  The solution…out-playing all of his opponents.  Simple in context but complex when you see the talent level that this young man is up against.  No matter what side of the game you’re on though, the fan, the coach, or the player, you have to appreciate his approach to his opposition. If they’re faster he out thinks them, if they’re bigger he uses his speed to get around them, and if they’re his size he won’t hesitate to jump over them.  His problem/solution state of mind combined with his fearless approach to the game means if you face Dennis Smith Jr. you better come prepared.

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