Brother Rice’s Keepers…Jordan and Bryan Boyd

Don’t let the affable looks of Jordan and Bryan Boyd fool you.  These brothers are a tenacious set of ball players that are proving they have what it takes to play on the next level.  Coming out of Brother Rice high school, located in Chicago, Illinois, the Boyd twins have cemented an identity as sure tacklers as well as legit ball-hawking defenders.  There have been other sets of twins that have been successful in the sport of football, but have had different playing styles.  One may play with more aggression and physicality, while the other performs with more finesse.  The most recent examples of this are Devin and Jason McCourty, two NFL players that have both had very good careers thus far on all levels.  The Boyd brothers are very similar though.  For the sake of not being redundant, their games look identical on film.  One slight difference may be the hitting ability and multi-positional potential of Jordan Boyd.  In addition to his unrestricted nose for the ball and excellent tackling ability, Jordan Boyd has been known to deliver hits that are a little more than destructive and a little less than cataclysmic.  As a true ball hawk Jordan can play the free, strong, and nickel defensive back positions.  This is an absolute plus with college scouts and can potentially open more opportunities for offers from major division one schools.  With their honest yet hollywood-esque looks, what football fan can’t help but to cheer these young talented men on as they attempt to find a roster spot on a college team’s secondary.  Stay tuned.

Bryan and Jordan Boyd

Bryan and Jordan Boyd

Bryan Boyd – Hudl

Jordan Boyd – Hudl

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