Darrell L Cook…Breaking Through The Barrier of Doubt

At 6’2 245 pounds, Darrell Cook is currently one of the unfound gems in the class of 2016.   Cook has the exact same running style as that of T. J. Duckett, the former nimble yet big running back out of Michigan State.  From watching Cook perform in summer camps, scouts will cringe at his strength.   Combine his strength with his super quick feet and aggressive running style and you now have a formidable weapon in any division one backfield.  Most ground and pound backs rarely come with receiver-like hands, but Cook definitely catches the ball like a bonafide receiver.  More than that, he comes out of his cuts like a pass-catching tight end which at 245 pounds is pretty impressive.

Is there any downside to this young athlete? There is one big one.  His offers have been on the side of a few which can simply be because he plays at a smaller school in an area not known for its football prowess.  As any football fan knows by now, missing some of the best recruits for whatever reason is a flaw that is very common.  Usually when this happens though those missed recruits play with a chip on their shoulder, knowing that they are on the same level of guys who would otherwise continue their career on a D1 level.  This will indeed change with this potential blue chip athlete.  Stay tuned as his scholarship offers begin to come in later this summer and fall as his recruiting journey turns from rags to riches.

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