Michael Porter Jr. “The Great Composer”

When you watch Michael Porter Jr. play you get the sense that the artistry in his game is anything but amateur.  The incoming junior out of Father Tolton Catholic High School, located in Columbia, MO, brings a long anticipated rhythm to the court.  Porter has moved up the charts because of his great scoring ability and smothering defensive efforts.  The more entertaining part about his game though is watching him when he determines that a bucket is to be had. Others may put thought into their next move or may even instinctively react to what the defense throws at them. Porter seems as if he has already sketched a blueprint of the scoring process.  His inside game is equally as smooth as his outside game, and defenders are left wondering if there is a way to prepare for the all around talent of Porter.   Presuming that this young man continues to develop his outside shot, you can look for the recruiting wars to intensify over his game. He will continue to put together offensive masterpieces for scouts and all others who watch.  For fans who want to see the brilliance of his talents, stay tuned, he’ll be sure to visit a highlight reel near you soon.

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