Audie “AO” Omotosho…Imitation Being The Best Form Of Flattery

Take a trip down south and you are sure to run into the name of Audie Omotosho.  Who is he? He’s the fitness mannequin-like figure that causes defensive coordinators down in Texas to adjust their schemes.  AO, as he has come to be identified as, runs his routes as intensely and as precisely as the better half of college receivers.  Place him in a dual screen with the ex-Florida State great Peter Warrick and you will find few differences.  The exciting part about this athlete’s talent is that he already has the athletic ability of a college all-conference player, and he has a knowledge of the game comparable to a top tier quarterback.   He even knows how to adjust his routes when defenses throw different zones at him which is extremely rare for high school receivers.  This factor may not seem important to fans but for quarterbacks who have to make quick reads, a receiver who understands on sight adjustments is the icing on the cake.  AO will spend this summer developing his catching ability, more specifically readying his hands as he comes out of his routes.

You can look for the Longhorns and A&M to attempt to keep Omotosho in state but don’t count out any of the Florida schools as their winning ways tend to lure athletes out of Texas.  Stay tuned to Plano East to see more of Audie “AO” Omotosho.

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