Steven Mason…Too Big To Miss

Look at Steven Mason, here is a kid with the size to be a true force on someone’s defensive line.  At 6’7, 238 pounds, Mason will gain attention as he gets more aggressive on the field.  Torrey Pines coaches like to stick with four man fronts, and now and then they may have a linebacker walk down into a five man.  College scouts will be able to see Mason’s potential role as an every down defensive end.  He’s much more of a tweener than a blue chip player, but with development in the weight room Mason can become a major role player on passing downs in his first or second season of college football.  Becoming an every down defensive end on the next level won’t be hard for Mason it is more a question of how soon will he be there.  This will definitely be one player who, once placed in the hands of a great strength and conditioning program, will become a true force in the game.

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