Leland Jackson…Can He Be The Man?

Down in central Illinois, Leland Jackson is familiarizing himself with his new coaching staff as well as new defensive scheme.  For the past 3 years the young athlete has had the responsibility of playing strong side backer, but will now be asked to take on some rush end responsibilities.  One of the more important factors that scouts tend to look for is to see if a player can adjust to different assignments on the field.  At 6’2, 232 pounds, Jackson is a prototype size and weight for a division one program.  And as you can see from his film, the young man is one of the better moving linebackers in the midwest at that size.  Because of his strength, a certifiable bench press of over 300 pounds and a squat of more than 375, Jackson can mix it up with any offensive guard or tackle out there.  His 4.65 40 yard time, while not blazing, will surely keep running backs and tight ends defended efficiently when he is asked to drop into one-on-one coverage.  So what questions would remain about this player? Can he adapt to taking on pulling guards, double teams, and most importantly being pulled from the rush end position back to his original place at linebacker in certain instances?  This would have to be a big yes, considering his athletic ability and aggressive nature on the field.  And for those meticulous scouts and coaches, the fact that Jackson sheds blockers with proper arm extension will add another plus on his recruiting resume.  Look for Jackson to get even better and use this opportunity of a position change to gain an expanded knowledge of the game and become even more valuable to major division one programs.  Fans should stay tuned and track this young man’s progress.

Leland Jackson-LB/DE Centennial High/Champaign/IL

Leland Jackson-LB/DE Centennial High/Champaign/IL

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