SEC Style Runners…Brock and Golston

College scouts have gained two more special runners from the class of 2017 in Darius Golston and Vershawn Brock.  Golston comes out of Seneca Valley High, in Germantown, Md.  His film pretty much says it all.  His has fantastic cutting ability with enough acceleration in and out of those cuts to take advantage of any creases in the defense.  At 5’10 and nearly 200 pounds, Golston has the stout frame to dish out punishment to sizeable defenders but is agile enough to avoid constant contact that may put extra wear and tear on a running back’s body.  His catching ability and route running ability are above average and a definite plus with the scouts and he will be highly recruited.  Expect him to have a lot of options down south where compact, shifty runners are a highly coveted item.

Brock like Golston is a strong runner.  At Harper High School, in Chicago IL, Brock has taken on more than 70 percent of the rushing duties.  With a valid 4.58s 40 yard dash time, the 6’0, 225 pound back will have the major division one schools aggressively coming after him.  Brock dishes out the punishment when he runs, but he is also shifty enough to slip past even the fastest of linebackers.  He understands the importance of being a dual threat and is quickly developing his catching ability. Expect to see Brock at several camps this summer and next to specifically work on his receiving skills.  He is another recruit that will be a target of the southern conferences.  Pencil both Brock and Golston in as two future blue chip players.

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