Trevon “Checkmate” Duval…Dare To Take Him Lightly

Trevon Duval...Mr. CheckmateIn the sport of basketball, guards come and go.  You have those who will do a fancy crossover, will get airborne for a dunk,  will get a rise out of the crowd, may even hear his name for 15 minutes of fame, but then he disappears into the archives of the forgotten almost and maybes.  None of this relates to Trevon Duval who has let everyone know that he is on the basketball scene to stay.  Incredible vision is his mantra.  Duval has the peripheral vision of an NFL defensive back chasing a receiver and at the same time miraculously seeing the quarterback release the ball.  In other words, Duval can see what’s in front, on the side, and sometimes you would even think what’s behind him.  With his point guard “sixth sense”, Duval makes sure to find even the most hidden scorer and get him involved.  Though what’s creating ear to ear smiles on college coaches’ faces is the fact that Duval can create his own shot when things are at a standstill in the offense.  As he attends Advanced Prep International located in Dallas, Texas fans have to wonder if the mighty Orangemen of Syracuse will let Duval out of their recruiting grasp.  Those UConn coaches and fans may have something to say about it after all is said and done.  Stay tuned…

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