Conner Tenhove…Shooting His Way To The Top

Before seeing Conner Tenhove in action the phrase that came to mind was “if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.”  The pure jump shooter out of Valparaiso High School in Indiana showed up this weekend, and the class of 2016 star put on an unbelievable shooting display.  His second game at the Chicago Jam Classic, hosted by Baylor Youth Foundation, confirmed that this young man is one of the purest shooters in the country. People didn’t stand there and wait for Tenhove to make a shot.  Instead the crowd waited to see if he would miss.  After hitting 7 straight, coaches at the event couldn’t help but scratch their heads.  It could have been his calm, yet confident style of shooting or it could have been the fact that he had a defender in his face every time.  Regardless of whatever put onlooking coaches in a state of scouting euphoria, Tenhove had the jump shooting ability that is comparable to the former Duke star J J Redick.  It was interesting to see which schools followed Tenhove from gym to gym as he prepared for his next game.  It was obvious that Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Marquette were beamed in on the young man and sat through entire games.  They were probably doing the same thing that the fans from both teams and his defenders were doing, and that is just simply waiting for Tenhove to miss a shot.  I would be remiss not to mention his rebounding and defensive abilities.  In three games his opposition scored only 8 points on him and considering the amount of talent in the arena this could be considered only that more amazing.  Rebounding seemed effortless as he doubled up in rebounds in two out of three games.  More importantly though, Tenhove showed his strength and toughness as he fought through screens and picks.  And while not seeming that fast at first, when an opportunity for a fastbreak came, he was the first player down the floor, whether he opted for the dunk or the long range shot.  Stay tuned as Conner Tenhove quickly approaches being termed the nation’s top shooter.

Conner Tenhove-Guard/Forward/Valparaiso High/IN

Conner Tenhove-Guard/Forward/Valparaiso High/IN

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