Malik Williams…His Rise Is For Real

When Malik Williams enters the basketball arena he looks like a true star.  A 6’11 big man who handles the ball like a guard.  Yet, the Snider High School basketball player is as humble as one can imagine.  Williams takes the idea of team to a different level, as he decides to pass instead of score the majority of the time.  In his games during the Chicago Jam Classic, the mecca of national basketball events for high schoolers, Williams had more assists than the guards which had the scouts attention.  Though, what had the scouts and coaches in awe was when given the green light to take over from his head coach, Williams went into a mode of play that was truly five star level.  This class of 2017 young gun was at a level of play that took the entire gym by storm, because the only person on the floor who could stop Malik Williams was Malik Williams.  It’s always refreshing to not only see an unselfish player, but a player who has an All-American level of skill that he can put on display when needed.  While watching his games at the Chicago Jam with college coaches, several comparisons came up including Lamar Odom and a young Kevin Garnett.  It’s obviously too early to put Williams in that category of talent level, but the original framework to have a successful career is absolutely present in this young man.  It should be mentioned that after the tournament Williams graded out at the top of every category with onlooking collegiate coaches.  His shooting ability was superb, passing ability was excellent, and rebounding ability matched that of what a player that tall should bring to the table, both offensively and defensively.  In other words, scouts will label Malik Williams as a newfound blue chipper in the class of 2017.  Can he make it into the top five players by the start of his senior year?  He definitely delivered a strong case for this in arguably the strongest venue for high school basketball talent.  Stay tuned…

Malik Williams-Power Forward/Snider High/Fort Wayne, IN

Malik Williams-Power Forward/Snider High/Fort Wayne, IN

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