Nojel Eastern…Number One Is Non-Negotiable

The comeback of Nojel Eastern is exciting college coaches and high school basketball fans around the country.  In late spring Eastern injured his ankle and was left with a strenuous recovery and rehab period.   But did he let it stop him? No.  Eastern walked into the Chicago Summer Jam fully recovered and with an even more competitive vision.    Onlookers were at the edge of their seats when seeing him walk in, almost with as much anticipation as waiting for the sequel to a great first half performance.

What’s next for the Evanston Wildcat and member of the Meanstreets AAU squad?  He is taking it upon himself to let every major division one coach know that he is the number one player in his class of 2017.  We can’t deny that Eastern is the most complete player in his class.  The 6’5 lefty’s game resembles that of another Chicagoland great and college all star Corey Maggette.  While most high school athletes feel fortunate enough to make it into the top 50 rankings for their respective sport, Eastern smiles when asked how he feels to be a legitimate blue chipper.  You automatically sense there’s something more to his smile and appreciative response.  Eastern will quickly tell you that he’s continuing his climb to the top through constant hard work and developing an already list of top-notch skills.


After grading  out at the top of every category offensively and defensively amongst division one coaches, this young man has taken up a relentless blueprint of becoming the number one player nationally.  This blueprint includes countless hours in the gym working on his jumper, and a weightroom regiment that would impress even the most diehard of strength coaches.  The true combination of shooting, rebounding, and defense is on display when fans watch Eastern’s highlights.  More importantly, critical and meticulous scouts whose job it is to find flaws in a player look at Nojel Eastern and only see a top level athlete who smiles at being challenged.

In other words Eastern is not up for negotiating with his competition, coaches, or scouts for the number one spot.  He is in tunnel vision mode and will not stop until he is at the top of his class.  Stay tuned as his best game is coming to an arena near you…

Nojel Eastern-Combo Guard/Evanston Township High/Evanston, IL

Nojel Eastern-Combo Guard/Evanston Township High/Evanston, IL

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