Edward Dominguez…Re-Visiting The Pocket Passer Types

After seeing the rise of several athletes this summer there is yet another talented prospect making his ferocious climb to the top of recruiting boards. Edward Dominguez, the class of 2016 quarterback out of El Monte High School is now a hot topic amongst recruiting outlets.  Dominguez is being sought after by nearly the entire west coast and is considered a bonafide blue chip quarterback.

His mechanics and athletic ability were already above average during early spring. After spending a summer in the weight room and on the field, Dominguez, a 6’3 200 plus pound righty, has developed arm strength that has schools from every major conference in the country reviewing his highlight tapes.  Watching this young talented athlete confirms that there are still coaches out there teaching quarterbacks the fundamentals of a pocket passer.  Dominguez pans out as a prototype pocket passer with great size and field vision.  College coaches also love how he trusts the decision he makes.  The athletic passer spends countless hours working on his timing with his receivers and has thus developed an extremely accurate throwing clock.  It takes extreme measures for Dominguez to hold the ball more than 2.9 seconds and this has major division one schools lining up in the film room and preparing scholarship offers.

With a 4.68s 40 yard speed, the precision passer may find it hard to stay out west especially as schools from the powerful SEC conference throw offers at him.  A virtual passing twin to Kyle Orton, one of Purdue university’s former great passers, Edward Dominguez has a lot to think about.  Mainly which collegiate system fits him best.

Can he do for a program what Christian Hackenburg did for Penn State?  He definitely has the knowledge of the passing game and the tools to go with it.  Standing by for his college decision?…Stay tuned.


  1. Edward’s mother and I would like to thank Coach Francis & BESQUADSPORT.COM, Khalid Ali & Under The Radar (http://www.utrsportsmedia.com/contact-us/), Cordell Landers – College/University Running Back Coach & Recruiter, El Monte High School Head Coach Joel Sanchez (Jsanchez42lions@yahoo.com), and Edward’s personal Quarterback Coach Brian Tabatabai (bmteducator@yahoo.com) of the National Football Academies for everything they have done for our son.

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