Nick Bates…Big Arm From A Small Town

Every now and then you get an athlete from a small town who could make a big splash on the recruiting scene. Nick Bates is a small town talent playing at Tuscola High School in Tuscola IL, and he has the talent to be something special for the class of 2016.  At 6’1 and a little over 210 pounds, Bates is a sort of “Johnny Bravo” for not only the team but his town.  As the fans of the Gold and Black rally around their impressive-armed quarterback, college coaches are getting ready to take notes on this young man.  Nick Bates has proven that he can throw a very accurate pass at the short and mid ranges with a lot of zip.  His pocket presence is exactly on point with division one quarterbacks and his toughness has been forged into his character from playing linebacker over the past 3 years.  After seeing Bates play the quarterback position coaches are left standing with an assured look on their faces.  They are left in a confident state of mind knowing that Bates has every tool required to play on the next level.  A 4.0 GPA validates the fact that he not only uses athletic ability on the field, but he also has a crafty intellect able to map out defenses before making his chess-savvy throws.  If there was a college passer from the past or current day that Bates can be compared to, it would have to be Brian Hoyer.  Hoyer of course had a good career at Michigan State and continued his career on the pro level.  Same throwing style and an almost exact physical match later, Bates has answered all the necessary recruiting questions.  Arm Strength…check, QB intelligence…check, desired size for a division one quarterback…check.  What’s next for Nick Bates?…college football scholarship offers.  The program that he will play for is a question that his fans and coaches will hope to be answered soon.  Stay tuned…

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