Thaddeus Moss…First Ballot Thoughts

There’s a slight rumbling going on in the world of college football recruiting.  The subject of this noise is Thaddeus Moss. Who is he and why is he such a big subject?  Thaddeus Moss is an elite tight end recruit out of Charlotte, NC.  At a 6’4, 250 pounds, the Mallard Creek all star is the son of the future first Ballot hall of famer Randy Moss.  Randy Moss of course revolutionized the meaning of a deep threat as he terrorized secondaries from the late 90’s all the way up to his final Superbowl appearance with the 49’ers in 2013. What Thaddeus Moss plans to do is learn the intricacies of the game from the elder Moss and display his own all-star skill beginning at the collegiate level. While he also plays defensive end, Thaddeus is the most effective on offense. Which part of Moss’s game will be more lethal to the opposition is still a question that only a further traveled career will answer. Will it be his already intimidating size, his sprinter’s speed, or the fact that he will be apprenticed by arguably one of the top two receivers in the history of the game? A valid fan of the game would say its a mix of all three. At that size he’s got a tremendous advantage over most defensive backs and his speed makes him uncoverable by even the most agile backers. With a mind as seasoned as the elder Moss coaching young Thaddeus on parts of the game that even most pro players have not experienced, we get a new and improved Randy Moss in a tight end’s body. Of course the critics will say that he’s just a kid and hasn’t proven anything yet and there’s tons of obstacles in his way. But the haters who proclaim doubt will have a front row seat as this young talent shows that he is up for any and all challenges. Hypothetically speaking, Moss has everything in his favor to get to football excellence. Building up his own football identity is a journey that Thaddeus Moss is taking and loving. As it was with the hall of famer, so it will be with the younger Moss and that is that failure is not an option. Defenses need to know this…Thaddeus Moss is coming. Stay tuned.


Thaddeus Moss co’ 16 – Hudl

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