The Kickoff…First Week Stories

The pens and pads are ready, the players are raring to perform, and the scouts are ready to take names.  Keep your eye on these players during week one as they solidify themselves as bonafide bluechippers…

  1. Vershawn Brock -Morgan Park (IL)/RB- Set in the mold of Tyrone Wheatley, the great Michigan Wolverine alum, Brock wants to show how agile he is at his size.  The 224 pound back will reaffirm that his 4.5 speed and quick cutting ability is able to help any division one program.  He will come out of week one battle tested as the speedy Thorton Wildcat team proves to be a formidable preamble to the Week two matchup against powerful Mt. Carmel.
  2.  Edward Dominguez -El Monte (CA)/QB- The El Monte quarterback plans to shine through in week one as the prodigal pocket passer of the  West Coast.  Dominguez looks to use the Montabello secondary as a challenging tune-up for the upcoming tough   mid-season run.
  3.  Leland Jackson -Centennial (IL)/OLB- Prototype size and raw football ability will be what the Morton Potter’s offense runs into during week one when they look up and see this Champaign Centennial hybrid backer/rush-end.  Scouts will take note of Jackson’s knowledge of the game and his ability to adjust in pass coverage.  He will be expected to become a sort of “maestro of madness” and remain it throughout the tough Charger season.
  4. Alfonso Battle– Columbia High (FL)/DB- This feisty defensive back has a lot to prove in his final season, mainly that he is a certified division one defensive back.  No worries says the quick and darty player.  The fact that doubts about his ability linger in the air is exactly what pushes this young talent to the top of his game.  He will undoubtedly be tested when he lines up against the Gainesville High receivers.   Battle plans to capture the attention of scouts on a local and national level when the clock hits all zeroes in game one.
  5. Breydon Boyd -Katy High (TX)/OLB- As Katy opens up against KIngwood, the rangy Boyd looks to establish himself as a staple for the top linebacker spot in the class of 2017.  Boyd plans on being one of the main role players as opponents venture into the “hit pit” down in Katy.  He will get a lot of support from his top rated crew of backers.  A good opening day won’t seal the deal for Breydon Boyd being labeled as a blue chip backer, but it will certainly give him a jump start on the southern region in terms of top linebacker prospects.

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