Tyreace James…Those Slasher Type Runners

Being content is a characteristic of Tyreace James that is common to his peers and overwhelming wpid-wp-1441736339203.jpegto those who meet him off the football field.  Yet when James gets in uniform a more fiercer side is shown, one that has his future opponents somewhat weary.  At 6’1, 185 pounds, the central Illinois native is having his name come up in conversations of potential blue chip athletes.  Although shifty runners have become a staple at big college programs, the “slasher” type of back is still an essential part of any successful program.  What exactly is a “slasher type?”  Simply a back that can see the smallest crease in the offensive/defensive line traffic while shifting gears to get to and through the gap.  This often times turns into a big gain or even points on the board.  Its obvious to see his talent with the 280 plus yards in offense in two games with his team.   What scouts will appreciate when recruiting this mainstay ground gainer of the Centennial Chargers offense is his versatility.  James is very difficult to defend in open space which makes putting him at the slot position another positive in terms of recruitment.  Move him over to the return game and James begets a smile on his face as he knows that this may indeed be the most developed part of his overall game.   Few knocks on his overall ability and football intelligence are the main reasons why fans should stay tuned on his journey down the road of high school football recruiting.

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