Max Meylor…Dynamic Hit or Miss Ability

When scouts first glance at Max Meylor, they immediately note his prototype size and arm strength.  6’3 and 208 pounds of division one material is how Meylor should be identified.  With the ability to complete each type of pass that big time college programs require, the Mt. Horeb/Barneveld Viking has drawn plenty of interest in early season action.  Although Meylor may have come into his senior season under the radar of blue chip passers, college coaches are finding their way to his highlight reel with understandable interest.  Is there dynamic ability in this young man? A more critical question would be whether or not Meylor can handle the adjustment of faster receivers at the next level.  Without a pause, offensive coordinators at the college level would give these questions the yes nod as Meylor is more of a “show me, don’t tell me” type of player.  Although its still early in the year, the current state of play from Max Meylor is an indication of confirming himself as a high caliber passer.  Stay tuned…

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