Week 3/4 Recruits…The Tangible Offensive Threats

As some high schools around the country are headed into week 3 while others week 4 of the 2015 football season, many players are heading toward the level of top notch recruit while others are still working to gain headway on scouting lists.  There is still a lot of season left and plenty of things can happen on the field but even the most fact finding scout will recognize these players as solid top threats going into the upcoming weeks.

Offensive- Running Backs/ATH

Najee Harris-’17/Antioch (CA)  The Alabama commit is averaging close to 300 yards per game rushing and for good reason.  He’s made it his business to carry the offensive load on his back by breaking down defensive fronts with his shifty, yet powerful running style.

Quardraiz Wadley– ’16/Kennedale High (TX)  Wadley will continue to aggressively attack gaps in opponents’ defenses as eyeing a 1500 yard rushing season is runner up to his first goal of early team success.  Although his team has a solid defense, Wadley’s rushing success may indeed be the cornerstone for the Wildcats’ future success.

Vic Johnson– ’16/Cookeville (TN)  If any back in high school football is running harder than Vic Johnson, that player needs a standing ovation.  Johnson’s 260 yards per game haunts the minds of his future opponents due to his old school style of running.  Tough, low center of gravity, and refusing to go down by one defender is what this down south runner has shown the high school football world to date.

Jordan Green– ’16/Greenwood (AR)  This straight line runner has left his previous two games with the complete respect of both opposing defenses due to his no-nonsense approach to running the ball.  Green may indeed find himself in the slot position in a division one program with his “Welker” like running ability.  A 250 yard rushing average per game isn’t a bad statistic to carry around early season but future competition may indeed be cringing because of what Jordan Green can potentially do in the slot position.

Tyreace James– ’17/Centennial (IL)   New to the recruiting scene but certified ability is what future opponents are realizing about James.  A true slasher and retroactive type of talent, this hometown hero is becoming a statement and no longer a question mark in the notes of college scouts.  His 6.4 yard per carry average should remain consistent in a conference full of defensive juggernauts.

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