Those Dauntless Passers…DJ Lee and Brandon Wildman

An intense battle at quarterback is taking place in the midwest and it involves Brandon Wildman and DJ Lee.  Scouts everywhere have become engaged on these two young talents’ gameplay that although are completely different, are still lighting up the stat sheets.  brandon wildmanWildman has consistently impressed college coaches with his premier pocket passing ability.  The senior from Monticello High School has been extremely accurate this season, as he has passed his way to nearly 1,000 yards and 14 touchdowns in just three weeks of play.  Wildman has prototype size at 6’4 208 pounds, and more importantly has proven that he possesses the arm strength and touch on his throws that are commonly seen in major college programs.

Meanwhile 30 miles north in the town of Champaign, DJ Lee’s dual threat skill set is now a heavily talked about item amongst college coaches in the midwest as well as southern region.  It’s understandable, as Lee has emerged as one of the more refined athletic passers in the class of 2017.  dj leeA continuous question on this fleet-footed athlete from St. Thomas More High, is whether or not his passing ability can remain consistent throughout a more sinister college football schedule.  In Lee’s mind he is confident that his shoulder has been well trained to sustain the rigors of a defensive onslaught that will definitely be presented on the next level.  At the end of the day though, he knows that his scrambling ability will give him that extra second to find his targets.  Both Wildman and Lee have brought themselves to the next step of being bonafide bluechippers.  Wildman of course being a senior will have the opportunity to compete on a division one level sooner rather than later.  As for Lee, he will sit in film study sessions and sharpen his skills week by week.  As for the two together?  Wildman and Lee meet in week seven of the 2015 season and one can expect a number of scouts to be watching and breaking down the two qbs for strengths and weakness.  To the fans of high school football…stay tuned.

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