John Embrey…Expressionless Fury

Keep John Embrey’s aggressive nature at a minimum.  This is what offensive coordinators who face the Montini Catholic defense are hammering into the heads of their players.  Embrey on the other hand torments skilled position players with a brand of very old school hitting.  john embrey“Butkus-like” with his style, the senior linebacker unleashes hits and tactical style fierceness that has garnered the respect of Montini’s past and future opponents.  Much more than that, his demeanor has impressed linebacker coaches in the SEC and Mountain West conferences.  “Plays faster than his actual times” is a common theme used when talking about John Embrey.  The mainstay in the middle of a “seek and destroy” style defense will continue to impress fans of the mighty broncos, as they move towards another championship run.  When all is said and done the college program that welcomes this young man into their defensive family will not only get a gritty gamer, but will also gain a welcomed attitude throughout the locker room.  It’s not a surprise for upcoming opponents to stay tuned for upcoming film on Embrey.   Montini’s plans are to keep winning.  Football fans plan on anticipating the next big hit.  John Embrey, well he plans on doing what he does best and that is introducing his opponent to an old school physical brand of football.

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