Peyton Finkbeiner…The Sure Tackler Types

Four games and 70 tackles later, Peyton Finkbeiner has confirmed himself as a future college football player.  Although he is listed as a linebacker on his football roster, Finkbeiner fits the mold of a PAC 12 conference safety.  Often identified as very aggressive and as some of the best textbook tacklers in college football, PAC 12 safeties over time have gained the respect of football experts as the best at this craft.  One of the surest tacklers coming out of the state of Illinois, the stout Finkbeiner has now solidified himself and his skill set as division one caliber.  peyton finkbeiner At 6’0, 195 pounds, the tenacious young athlete was closely watched this summer to see if he could drop his then 4.7s 40 yard dash speed.  Not only did he drop his time, but impressed several schools with a current shuttle time of 4.4s and legitimate 40 yard of 4.59s.  Finkbeiner was once considered off radar.  Not anymore though. Finkbeiner has caught the eye of local as well as a number of national scouts as far as the southwest region.  As the Centennial charger continues to aggressively hunt down ball carriers, his push to 70 tackles in only four games cannot be ignored even by the most scrupulous stat committed recruiter.  Introducing himself to the national scouting scene may be a little overdue.  Scholarship offers are right on time.  Being one of the nation’s leading tacklers…stay tuned.

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