Breydon Boyd…The Texan Hunter

And then there’s the young man Breydon Boyd co’ 2017….Scouts are bewildered by him.  This linebacker with prototype size out of Katy High School surely could not be a godsend at backer.  Or is he in fact just that?  Ask his coaches and they’ll brag him up as an incredible young man with dreams of being the next name synonymous with the linebacker position.  Talk to a college coach or two about Boyd, and he has a check in every category of bonafide bluechipper.  breydon boyd 2But when asking Breydon Boyd about himself, you get a hardened confident look that only comes with top flight athletes.  His game speaks volumes while his leadership places him in that special category of “must have recruit.”  Boyd’s 6’4 frame gives him a rangy advantage in zone pass coverage and his lateral movement is up there with the top echelon of faster backers.  His more talked about skill amongst college scouts though is his ability to “hunt” down ball carriers.  A big reason for Katy High’s  undefeated record is their vaunted run defense.  As a main peg in a defense with a hit first and ask questions later style attack, Boyd’s role as a weakside backer has become impressive.  Although labeled as a bone-jarring hitter, his sure tackling ability supersedes any other blaring skills that Boyd has shown.  The question to ask is will Breydon Boyd decide to stay in the state of Texas for his college football experience or will powerhouse recruiting conferences such as the B1G Ten, SEC, or PAC 12 convince this young talent to leave his homestead.  Boyd will worry about college options after the season.  Right now he is focused on hunting down the opposition.  Fans of Texas high school football should indeed stay tuned.  (squadcast)

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