Cole Kmet…More Ammo For Tight End U

The University of Notre Dame has been a staple for producing pro-level tight ends over the past several decades.  They’ll continue this reign as “Tight End U” with the commitment of Cole Kmet.  Stoutly structured at 6’5, 230 pounds, the St. Viator stand out possesses the integral skill set of a future college football star. cole kmet Kmet has made catches in his highlight filled career that rank up to any five star caliber receiver.  While he has mainly been used as a possession type receiving tight end and run blocker, expect the golden domers to use the deceptively fast Kmet as a main part of the passing game.  The young tight end may look like he’s made a home in the run zone and in the short to medium passing ranges, but please don’t mistake Kmet for being an indigenous spectator when it comes to getting into the end zone.  Football gurus will quickly identify mismatches the Notre Dame commit lines up against even the best of talent.  Flexing Kmet out and having him toggle with smaller defensive backs is a primary option for offensive coordinators.  Bringing him back inside in and letting him perform out of a three point stand is a basic but common as natural breathing luxury that this five star talent provides.  Fans of the game can anticipate more of the same in the realm of stardom for this future Notre Dame player.  Stay tuned.

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