Charles O’Bannon Jr….”Player Ultimo”

Call him a throwback player, an athlete with a fundamental game, or a player from yesteryear.  Charles O’Bannon Jr. is currently walking around the high school basketball world carrying all of these identities.  In the world of college basketball he is being heavily sought after, mainly because of a skill set that is considered a fundamental part of any successful five man team.  Bishop Gorman’s class of 2017 star player has gained the complete respect of his opposition while putting to rest any doubts about his game readiness.   While O’Bannon will surely make a splash on the next level, he has several goals to complete while still rounding the high school hoop scene. His main goal is working to become the top ranked guard in his class and the more not so obvious target is being the prime example of the “throwback player.” O’Bannon looks to become the premier player on the scene for the class of 2017. This bodes well for those future athletes who would otherwise carbon copy O’Bannon’s fundamental style of play.  It will be a mad rush from the major labels including Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas to get this young talent on their traveling circuit.  Whether O’Bannon decides to play on one or all three is yet to be decided.  He has other things to focus on, mainly his rise to the top of the high school ranks.  Stay tuned.

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