Bradley Dee…Division One Certified Back

The polished running style of Bradley Dee has finally caught the attention of the high school football world.  The senior from Central High School, located in Champaign, Illinois has been very confident about getting an opportunity to play at the next level.  Now it seems that this will turn into reality as several run-heavy conferences including the B1G Ten and American Athletic Conference are honing in on Dee’s running ability.  Nothing amazing stands out about this young man.  Good speed, elusive in the open field, and a smart runner are common things that a college coach would expect from a potential college football player.  Dee has these components and adds the talent of clutch catching to his list of attributes.  bradley deeSo why is this solid 6’1, 215 pound runner making a late run onto recruiting lists around the NCAA?  One word…consistency.  Bradley Dee is as consistent as they come when running the ball.  This could be the exact reason why college scouts are saying that Dee is one of the few running backs in the class of 2016 that can fit into any offensive scheme in college football.  You can move him into the “necessary recruit” list.  Label Dee as the type of player that is eighth or ninth on a recruiting list, but is as important to a college offensive scheme as a letter is to a word.  Whether it’s delivering his future college team an every down back or just a short yard ground gainer, we can expect Dee to get his chance more sooner than later once he lands on a division one campus.  With a playoff berth already clinched by the Maroons, expect a strong performance from this durable athlete and even more justification of why Dee will be padded up on the next level. Stay tuned.

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