Jeremiah Tilmon…Walking Down The Road Of Humility

Jeremiah Tilmon will never tell you he’s the best big man in the class of 2017.  He’ll never boast about the numerous scholarship offers.  Tilmon will even give you a casual shoulder shrug when  compared to other five star recruits in his class.  The proficient paint player doesn’t have to tell high school basketball fans that he is the top big man in his class.  He lets his opponents do it for him.    Tilmon addresses anyone who faces him on the floor with few words but many actions.  His ability to score on whomever has the undesired opportunity to defend him is almost laughable to college coaches.  Players with this much ability rarely come with the face of humility but Tilmon would rather walk his own road and base his game around the likes of the quiet greats.  Consider him a David “The Admiral” Robinson type if you will.   We surely can’t make the mistake of launching this young East St. Louis Flyer and St. Louis Eagle into the first ballot hall of fame slot so quickly.  But let’s not regress and doubt that this young man will make an immediate impact on the college scene when the time comes.  If it were up to Jeremiah Tilmon he would avoid the hoopla that five star recruits receive and just stick to shocking crowds and opposition with his top tier game.  Nevertheless a couple of words and a confident walk off the floor always follows his last oft expected double-double performance.  As fans watch him and media ask what’s next for Tilmon he won’t hesitate to tell them “stay tuned.”

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