Season’s End…Up And Comers

As another high school football regular season ends, a new crop of budding stars are requesting the attention of college scouts.  Without treading on the cautionary line of “premadonna predictions,” here’s a quick look at some future bluechippers from the class of 2018.

Asante Samuel Jr.-DB/St. Thomas Aquinas/FL  Asante Samuel Sr. is having a proud moment as he watches his son, asante samuel jr.Asante Samuel Jr. climb the ranks as a defensive back.  Samuel can cover just about any receiver in high school football.  Incredibly quick and agile, he definitely takes after his father’s aggressive play on the ball.  Samuel has already been tagged by the SEC, ACC, and PAC 12 conferences as one of the top three shutdown corners of his class.

Houston Griffith- Ath/Mt. Caramel/IL  That “special player” in this class is Houston Griffith of Mt. Caramel high school.  Griffith is as effective on offense as he is on defense.houston griffith  As a defensive back he has the sleekness of foot to play at the corner position and the intelligence to pilot the defense from either safety spot.  Scouts are also penciling Griffith in as a potential nickel back and kick returner due to his overall athletic ability.  Already offered by Illinois, Virginia, and several others, expect him to quickly become the go to recruit for the co’ 2018.

Caleb Deveaux- RB/Marvin Ridge High/NC  A back with prototype size and strength in the class of 2018, who indeed can do it all from the backfield is Caleb Deveaux.  caleb deveauxLabeled the “responsible runner,” he gets a check in every category of certified division one running back.  While Deveaux looks to work even more during the off season on his breakaway speed, expect this highlight reel ready back to be in the upper echelon of recruits by the start of the summer.  Don’t be surprised if Deveaux is seen coming out of the slot position a lot more as his speed is used to create mismatches with linebackers and slower safeties.

Samson Reed- DE/Kahuka High/HI  Reed will definitely be one of the next big names to come out of the Hawaiian Islands area.  samson reedThe weightroom can launch this young man up to a stout weight of 260 pounds.  Footspeed is the overlooked key to Reed’s game.  And indeed the scouts are not missing this young man’s trigger-quick feet.  The tenacious rush end type athletiscm is already there.  A lot of offseason development at camps and opens locally will indeed allow Reed to show off his division one ability as he gets exposed to more broad-based competition.

Allan Walters- QB/Paramus Catholic/NJ  Revered as the first passer out of this class with the ability to throw every type of college pass in modern day offenses, Walters will go into his junior year as the premier gunslinger of his class. allan walters There’s not too much to question about his game.  It will indeed be interesting to see if Walters can keep up the amazing pace that right now has him in line to break every major state record in passing.  While pure pocket passers have taken a slight backseat to the scrambler types, there’s no doubt that Walters will be a true asset to most division one programs.

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