David Adams…The Grizzly Gamer

Will David Adams make as big of an impact as Cameron Smith in the world of college football?  This is the question that is being asked from coach to coach throughout high school and college football conversation.  Cameron Smith is of course the true freshman linebacker at USC that has set the PAC 12 ablaze.  David Adams style of play is potentially college star worthy, and the class of 2017 star is certainly prepared to enter the post-season with his Central Catholic (PA) team.  It may not be far fetched to think that Adams will make an instant impact on the college scene.david adams  His game can’t be mistaken.  Very grizzly and physical in nature.  Adams shows that he is the natural born leader on defense.  He definitely fits the role as the main piece to a defense’s linebacking unit.  A college football team would not be making a mistake to label Adams as a “tip of the spear” type player. Rarely blocked by any single lineman, this middle backer makes many a pit stops in the opposition’s backfield. We have to wonder if he will stay at the middle backer position, as Adams has proven that he has all the physical tools to be placed at weak and strong backer when in the 4-3 look.  If placed in a 3-4 defense expect him to be as equally proficient from either of the backer positions.  As the recruiting for the class of 2017 is on deck, we will all be watching not only Adams’ campus destination, but also hoping he will make as big of a splash on the college football scene as the Cameron Smith types.  He certainly is heading in that direction.  Stay tuned.

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