Joshua Parker…Re-Emergence Witnessed

Injuries are the common cold of the high school football world.  No one knows that better than Josh Parker.  He grinds his junior year campaign down with a ferocious thousand yard push, whilst contributing in a backfield that features the “new kid on the block” bluechipper, Bradley Dee.  Where has Josh Parker been and what is this re-emergence all about?joshParkerBeSquad  As a freshman Parker was elevated to varsity and rushed for a little over 1500 yards.  Before going into an injury plagued sophomore season Parker was heralded as one of the top athletes in the class of 2017. Moreover after overcoming these tedious injuries such as hamstring strains and quad pulls, Parker is back on the scene and is helping carry his Central High school football squad through the playoffs. Already pressing to the second round of the IHSA playoffs, an impressive post season victory in round one left Parker with a valiant 214 yard, four touchdown rushing effort. It would have been Shakespeare that said superb talent transcends time. Call Parker’s primetime performances  poetic justice if you will, but don’t miss the main point of his season.  A bonafide bluechipper is on deck and is reclaiming his place as one of the top notch recruits in his class. Stay tuned.

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