Nick Meunier…When Heart Meets Goals

At first glance Nick Meunier seems too small for division one college football.  After all why would major programs that constantly reload their receiver units with 6’2 and taller receivers take a chance on this young man.  Seems like Meunier is set for a bright future outside of football as he shines a Rhode’s scholar-esque 31 score on his ACT.  Is it tangible to move him into the category of overlooked prospects?  The answer is pretty obvious to any scout or college coach who are wired into the recent successes of smaller, quicker receivers. nick meunier Nick Meunier comes out of GCMS high school located in Gibson City, Illinois.  He is a senior whose team touted one of its more successful seasons in its long football history.  Meunier comes straight from the pages of Cole Beasley and Mike Dudek.  Beasley as you may already know was a standout at SMU and is now catching passes with the Dallas Cowboys, while Mike Dudek has reached  stardom level for the Fighting Illini.  Meunier knows that he has the work ethic and skill to be an effective weapon in any type of offense.  The question on college coaches’ minds is if Meunier can be as effective as the Beasley and Dudek types, and if so does he have the frame of mind to take the physical pounding that comes along with that role.  Nick Meunier would answer any questions about his skill and toughness with a marine-like confidence.  He already understands that with every opportunity given there comes with it a responsibility.  In this case the responsibility would be preparing for the physicality of a level of play that is much more faster and physical than what he may be used to.  Any fan of football or just sports itself would have to love the unflinching hardihood in Meunier eyes when knowing he may indeed be on a division one football field this time next year.  If asked where he would like to continue his football career, Meunier would sternly look any coach in the eye and answer, “Wherever and with whomever i get the chance.”  Stay tuned.

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