Chris Comet…The Selective Passer

Many quarterbacks who become highly touted at the high school level have some gunslinger mentality lurking in their game.  After watching Chris Comet work out with his receivers you get the feeling that he is yet another big arm who while able to accurately throw the long ball, misses the importance of the midrange game.  To tell college coaches and scouts that this is an inaccurate assessment of Comet’s game would be putting it mildly.chris comet hudl A gameday version of this class of 2017 pocket passer tells an entirely different story.  His accuracy at the short and midrange levels are up to par with any four or five star quarterback in his class.  From the view of a defensive back, you especially know how almost impossible it is for a quarterback to put the ball in a receiver’s hands at midranges.  Add that in with a pass rush which after breaking down film was in Comet’s face nearly 50 percent of the time, and you begin to sum up this young passer as more than a kid with a powerful arm.  It would be strange wording to call Chris Comet a sort of “menu” type of passer but in reality he is this to a tee.  As previously discussed with other top high school passers, college level quarterbacks are expected to have the ability to complete a various amount of throws.  These would include the deep out, quick slant, and 12 to 15 yard in routes.  Obviously with college offensive playbooks changing almost weekly, coaches need their quarterbacks to have a strong arm and the ability to quickly adjust passes when the situation calls for it.  That said, breaking down Comet’s ability to be a division one quarterback becomes fairly easy.  Powerful arm, high iq (3.9 GPA), and a witnessed ability to complete any pass on the field with high caliber accuracy.  While in the offseason Comet’s main goal is to correct any errors in his footwork and watch countless hours of film on blitz packages.  He will make it his business to see offense from the other side of the ball and study tactics and tendencies from a safety’s perspective.  College coaches who are buzzing about Comet’s throwing ability know how much of a mental boost this type of film study will do for the talented quarterback.  The recruiting approach may be simple with Chris Comet.  He is already making his way onto division one recruiting boards, but he is not taking anything for granted and would rather go into summer football camps with his passing ability being certified as division one level.  Stay tuned.

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