Emeka Emezie…”He’s Got This”

emekie emezie

The athletic machine known as Emeka Emezie will be one of the most talked about talents from the class of 2017. Mainly because he is now being considered a top ten receiver on a national scale.  The evidence of his 4.4 40 yard dash time and elevator-like jumping ability is seen on his summer and regular season game film.  Already a top prospect, the young talent from Marvin Ridge High school is looking forward to the challenge of becoming the best in his class.  More than that, it is a top priority for Emezie to prepare himself for top level college football.  His often said line of “I got this” will be an added insurance of his on-field confidence to his future college coaches.  It’s rare to see high school football players that are already on a level to step right in and dominate at the next level.  That’s usually a theme connected with basketball and baseball.  His off-season preparation will make those who may have any doubt about his skill set come to the conclusion that he will in fact play early and make a difference on the college level.  Who knows, maybe it’s the fact that every time Emezie looks over his shoulder he sees the many talents of his teammate and class of 2018 star, Caleb Deveaux.  Whatever the case may be, know that something is pushing Emeka Emezie to the top of his class and make no mistake of thinking that this young man will not pause until he is considered number one.  Stay tuned.

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