Jaylen Hands and Brandon McCoy… Competition In The 619

An impressive matchup of basketball skills will rouse the fans of the  619 area code of California this season.  There you will have Jaylen Hands and Brandon McCoy, both top ranked players in the class of 2017, showcasing their incredible talent.  Two players with tremendous upside are out to stamp their footprints in the top prospect book of legends.

The word on Jaylen Hands is that his game has transformed from being a showcase player to that of a team leader.  Hands made his mark on the high school basketball scene after he exhibited some of the best point guard skills in his class to date.  As a sophmore, scouts minimized his game as being too much of an individual effort.  The UCLA commit from Balboa City High school went into the summer of ’15 traveling circuit with a chip on his shoulder,  ready to eliminate these thoughts of his game being mercenary-esque.  During the Adidas Gauntlet series the trendy point guard averaged double figures in assists. An incredible feat considering that he also averaged double figures in points and the fact that summer league play is renown for hefty individual scoring performances.

jaylen hands

Following the progress of a guard like Jaylen Hands is unique for two reasons.  One, a player this raw goes a long time without a progression ceiling. Two, guards that are as coachable as Hands tend to turn into elite players on the college level.

Brandon McCoy has decided to make his home above the rim.  A big man with “in the paint prowess”, McCoy has personal expectations to become a familiar name on the high school basketball circuit. So far so good, as  McCoy’s ability has quietly been paralled to that of Harry Giles and Thon Maker.brandon mccoy

His wingspan of a 7 foot 4 inch big man will definitely be a plus when he finally decides to become a “Mutumbo” like shot blocker.  That’s not too far off either as McCoy has numerous coaches in his ear telling him how lethal he will be as an overall player with this added component.

The case has already been made for Californians to hone in on the 619 area code for some explosive basketball action. It could possibly turn into one of the more entertaining scenes for the class of 2017 basketball class.  Stay tuned.

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