Jacob Isaia…Versatility For ’18

The Hawaiian Islands have produced the first prospect from the class of 2018 that can play all five spots on the offensive line.  Jacob Isaia has put Honolulu on the high school football map by earning a four star rating as an offensive tackle.  It’s Isaia’s ability to play at each spot at a division one level that has college recruiters chasing him down and placing him high on their lists of lineman prospects..

This season, the strength of Iolani High school football has been a balanced offensive attack.  Jacob Isaia has a lot to do with this but won’t hesitate to tell anyone who asks that the team’s success is the result of great coaching.  We can only agree with that statement as Isaia’s line coaches have been able to make him a highly effective blocker at each guard, tackle and the center position.  Although the young man loves it in Hawaii, it may be close to  impossible to keep Isaia from taking the long trek to the local states for his college football experience.  It would be a hefty jump when considering the broader range of talent but Jacob Isaia has affirmed in his mind to be the most valuable lineman prospect of his class regardless of location.  It must be mentioned that there is a big difference between being the most valuable lineman and the best lineman.  As any football fan knows, injuries are as much a part of the game as is turf and fan.  Being able to fill in at any spot on the line whenever asked is as important as it gets.  Moreover when an offense does not lose a beat because of the effectiveness of that athlete who does the filling, coaches can be more efficient with player substitutions.  Not to mention the number of other positions coaches can fill on their rosters with scholarships, knowing that a young talent with Isaia’s ability can measure up with any high rated player.  The offseason plan for the athletically gifted islander? Physically there will be a lot of focus on footwork and strength training.  Mentally speaking, Isaia plans on training himself on how to expertly adjust to a position change without any fall off.  Stay tuned.

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