Austin Russell…Appreciating the Grind

Recruiting becomes fun when good ol’ hard work becomes the headline.  This is the case with class of 2017 student-athlete, Austin Russell.  The Covington High School football player has used the  theme of consistent hard work as his main tool in becoming a necessary cog in a program that has always earned its identity as a consistent winner.    Although Austin Russell played the position of cornerback for the 2015 fall season, he knows that he has a future at safety.IMG_20151206_195929  The obvious attributes of a defensive back are speed, lateral quickness, jumping ability, and great hip swivel.  Russell is using this offseason to build on these components but is also working on something not too often mentioned with high school defensive backs.  The young athlete is making it his business to use the offseason and work on his ability to create turnovers.  At first it seemed like a statement to just shrug one’s shoulders to.  But after realizing that very few high school football defensive players mention this as a primary importance, one has to think that college scouts and coaches will certainly pay attention to the offseason development of this confident young talent.  Creating turnovers is more than a notion so it is encouraging to learn that Russell chooses some of the greatest ball-hawking safeties in the history of the game to study.  You can often catch Russell watching tapes of Brian Dawkins and John Lynch who he figures are excellent role models on the road to playing division one college football. Because of the broad number of prospects nationwide, Austin Russell figures that it is of utmost important to show coaches and scouts that he can handle big time ball at the next level, and also make an impact expected of any high caliber recruit.  At 6’1, 186 pounds, an offseason in the weight room will undoubtedly put Russell at the prototype safety size that division one programs like which is usually at around 195 pounds and up.  His 3.6 gpa will also help college coaches recognize the hard work he puts in at the classroom desk in addition to the football field.  Recruiting will definitely spike up for this versatile defensive back.  Meanwhile you’ll likely catch Russell in offseason conditioning encouragingly yelling at his teammates with a famous line from Brian Dawkins.  “Whatever you got today, i gotta have it!”  Stay tuned.

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